SASHA BAILLIE CEO, Luxinnovation & First Government Advisor
Since May 2018, Sasha Baillie is the CEO of Luxinnovation, the Luxembourg national innovation agency. She is also a member of the Coordination Committee of the Ministry of the Economy, which she joined in 2014 as Deputy Chief of Staff and Diplomatic Advisor of the former Deputy Prime Minister, following her 20-year career as a Luxembourg diplomat. Within the Ministry of the Economy, Sasha Baillie ran the initiative to reform Luxembourg's economic promotion that led to the creation in June 2016 of the Luxembourg Trade and Investment Board. She also co-founded and chaired the Luxembourg Nation Branding Committee. As an aid to the Deputy Prime Minister, she steered the work that led to the creation in 2015 of LuxGovSat (a joint venture between the Luxembourg Government and SES) where she serves as Chair of the Board.
Holger LUESCHOW Programme Manager Satellite Communication - EDA
Holger Lueschow joined the European Defence Agency in summer 2016 as Programme Manager Satellite Communication and Project Officer Radio Spectrum. In this position he is responsible for the Agency’s SatCom related activities focusing on the development and evolution of the EDA GOVSATCOM Pooling and Sharing Demonstration project - for the latter, Holger has chaired the respective Ad-Hoc Working Group establishing the Project Arrangement and also keeps close links to the European Commission and to ESA. He is the Chairman of the Project Team Satellite Communication of the Agency. Engineer by education, Holger worked in several IT and Radio Spectrum related posts in the German Air Force and NATO. Before he joined the EDA he was six years in the German MoD, responsible for the SatComBw Stage 2 programme and as well for the Radio Spectrum Policy of the Bundeswehr.
Ferdinand Kayser CEO - SES Video
Born on 4 July 1958, Mr Ferdinand Kayser was appointed Chief Executive Officer, SES Video in April 2017. Previously, he had been Chief Commercial Officer of SES since 2011. He is a member of the Boards of SES ASTRA and YahLive. Mr Kayser joined SES in 2002 as President and Chief Executive Officer of SES ASTRA. He has worked in senior roles in media companies such as Premiere Medien GmbH and Co. KG and CLT Multimedia. Prior to his appointment as Chief Commercial Officer of SES, he was President and Chief Executive Officer of SES ASTRA. Mr Kayser holds a Master of Economics from the University of Paris 1, Panthéon-Sorbonne, and has concluded specialized university studies in Media Law and Management of Electronic Media.
Fredrik Jonsson Director of Product Management - DataPath
Fredrik Jonsson, M.Sc.E.E. and Executive MBA, is Director of Product Management at DataPath, Inc. His 20+ years in the communications industry spans from design of satellite payload front-ends to creating product portfolios for the portable SATCOM ground segment. He also has several years of experience from the commercial high-volume segment of mobile phones as Head of Cellular RF at Sony Ericsson. Before joining DataPath, Fredrik held the Principal Engineering Manager role at Rockwell Collins Sweden.
Catherine Kavvada Head of Unit Development & Applications - EU Commission
Catherine Kavvada is a trained lawyer and a member of the Athens Bar Association, specialised in Air Law, and having qualified from the University of Athens and University of Aix Marseille III. Mrs Kavvada joined the European Commission in 1996 and for the last 20 years has contributed to the development of the European Union’s flagship satellite navigation programmes, Galileo and EGNOS. From 2011 to 2017, she led the unit responsible for a broad portfolio of policy, legal, institutional and financial matters of the EGNSS Programmes. During that time, she designed and implemented various governance schemes for the programmes and developed innovative financial planning to maximise resources. Since January 2017, Mrs Kavvada has led the unit responsible for GNSS Programme activities on security, cyber policy, access to Galileo’s Public Regulated Service (PRS), and international cooperation. As of January 2020, Mrs Kavvada will oversee and steer the European Commission’s initiatives in the area of space situational awareness, and the EU’s governmental satellite communications service (GOVSATCOM). In addition, she will define a policy for usage of EU space data, and develop strategies to both promote uptake of EU space programme services and establish an internal market for space applications.
Andy RAYNER International Director - Lockheed Martin
Andy Rayner joined Lockheed Martin in September 2016 as the International lead within the Military Space Line of Business. A UK national based in Denver, Colorado, he is responsible for International outreach for Military Space programmes which include Space-Based Early Warning (SBEW), Military Satellite Communications, Position Navigation and Timing (PNT) and Space Situational Awareness (SSA). Prior to joining Lockheed Martin, Andy served as a Royal Navy Weapon Engineer Officer for more than 28 years, most recently as the capability planner for the UK’s strategic networks and then as the Maritime C4ISR lead in the British Embassy, Washington, DC, from where he ‘jumped ship’ to join Lockheed Martin.
Frederik Simoens Chief Technology Officer - ST Engineering iDirect
Frederick Simoens is the chief technical officer at ST Engineering iDirect, where he is responsible for the oversight of all technology decisions and serves to drive the strategic direction for product development, technology alliances, plus mergers and acquisitions. Previously, Simoens worked at Newtec where he launched the DVB-S2X standard within Newtec’s platform, and in 2015, he became VP of product management, which led to a promotion to CTO. His key areas of expertise include physical layer technologies, satellite communications and digital modems. He is also a guest lecturer at the University of Ghent and is the author of 40+ publications. Simoens obtained a Master degree in electrical engineering and a Ph.D. degree in digital communications, both from the University of Ghent. He is currently pursuing an MBA degree at the Vlerick Business School.
RADM (ret) Giovanni Battista DURANDO Network Services and IT Infrastructure. Satcom Service Area Owner - NATO
Giovanni joined the IT Navy in 1974, when he was admitted at the NAVAL ACADEMY – Italian Officer Naval School in Livorno. He has obtained his Doctorate and Master Degree in Electronic Engineering, from PISA UNIVERSITY. He retired as Rear Admiral from the IT Navy in 2013 after his full career (including technical, operational and procurement assignments). He then joined NATO Information and Communication Agency - NCIA - where since 1 January 2016 he is the SATCOM Area Owner. In this role, he is responsible for both the SATCOM Service delivery to NATO Commands and for the developing the new projects for the next 15 years. In this challenging role he is, in particular, responsible for the implementation of the new Satellite Communication Transmissions Services Capability Package (CP 130), that worth about 1.5 B€.
Patrick Biewer CEO - GovSat
Patrick Biewer is the Chief Executive Officer of GovSat since 2015, a new satellite operator created out of the Public-Private Venture between the Luxembourg Government and SES. He is in charge of all the business activities as well as building customer relationships with International institutions (EU Commission, NATO, UN). Prior to this position, Patrick has held a number of executive positions within SES since he joined in 1993, including Managing Director of SES Broadband Services. He is a Luxembourg national and was educated in France and in the UK. He holds a Master Degree in Telecommunications and an MBA from the Open University.
Paulo Esteves-Veríssimo Professor & FNR PEARL Chair -University of Luxembourg
Paulo Esteves-Veríssimo is a Professor and FNR PEARL Chair at the University of Luxembourg and head of the CritiX group at UniLu’s SnT Centre (http://wwwen.uni.lu/snt). He is adjunct Professor of the ECE Dept., Carnegie Mellon University (USA). Veríssimo is Fellow of the IEEE and Fellow of the ACM, and associate editor of the IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computing. He is author of over 200 peer-refereed publications and co-author of 5 books. Esteves-Veríssimo is a member of the Scientific Board of the Portuguese National Cybersecurity Center (CNCS-PT), and has an extensive record as project team leader in several EU projects, and of collaboration with large corporations, institutions and public administration bodies, in projects, audits and consulting in resilience, dependability and cybersecurity. Selected examples include: the audit of the Portuguese government’s computer network (CEGER), the risk assessment of the complete Portuguese system of telecommunications and network providers (ANACOM), the audit and maturity improvement of several critical infrastructures of Electricidade de Portugal (EDP), or a study on Cyber Policies and cyberspace for the Brazil Federal Government. Esteves-Veríssimo was project team leader in several EU projects: BioBankCloud, TClouds, SecFunet, CRUTIAL, HIDENETS, MAFTIA, RESIST, SecureIST, CaberNet, CORTEX, ARTIST, Delta-4, BROADCAST. He took part in the design of several industrial prototypes of fault-tolerant, secure and real-time systems, such as: industrial manufacturing cells (Renault); dependable databases (Ferranti); home-banking (Crédit Agricole); distributed SCADA (Intracom).
Geoffroy BEAUDOT, Ir Head of Space and Cyber - DoD Luxembourg
Mr Geoffroy Beaudot joined the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs - Directorate of Defence of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in May 2016 to develop Space programs, including SatCom and Earth Observation systems. He currently the head of ‘SPACE and CYBER’ at Directorate of Defence the and represents the Directorate in different SPACE initiatives at the EDA, ESA, EU Commission and NATO SatCom capability team meetings. As Head of service, he has also to advise the Minister of Defence and his Chief of Staff on numerous occasions when meeting international leaders and stakeholders from different sectors. He started his career in 2003 in the Belgian Ministry of Defence as Head of a Network Supervision team. In 2007, he started managing the service in charge of the satellite communication hub for the Belgian MoD. After three years in this function, he became SatCom Program Manager for the Belgian Defence. In 2012, after a one-year staff course, he decided to join the 4th Group Communications and Information Systems as Officer ‘Operations & Training’. In 2015, as Major, he came back to the procurement service of the Belgian Defence as Head of the Cell C³ Platforms Integration. Mr Beaudot attended the Royal Military Academy in Brussels, Belgium and graduated with a Master of Engineering, Telecommunications.
Stewart Sanders EVP Technology - SES
Stewart is Executive Vice President (EVP) of Technology at SES with responsibility for the O3b mPOWER program development, ensuring all technical and commercial aspects are aligned to ensure the business case is fully realised to the benefit of SES’s customers. Prior to SES Networks, Stewart held the role of CTO of O3b Networks, which later combined with SES’s data business to form SES Networks. Stewart has recently moved from SES Networks to join SES’S Technology department and is a direct report to the CTO. Stewart’s former position of SVP of Planning & Procurement at SES made him responsible for satellite and launch vehicle procurement activities, satellite fleet technical planning and innovation program management. Stewart has fulfilled various satellite and payload operations roles for BTI, Intelsat, ICO, NEW SKIES SATELLITES and SES. One of the highlights of his career was as a team member of the Intelsat/NASA satellite re-boost mission in 1992. Stewart was instrumental in forming the Space Data Association for which he was the founding Chairman. Stewart has also worked closely with a number of other industry bodies such as sIRG, WBU-ISOG, GVF, EUI and other satellite operators in a number of initiatives targeting RF Interference.
Sebastien Moranta Coordinator of Studies - European Space Policy Institute, Austria
Sebastien Moranta is Coordinator of Studies at the European Space Policy Institute (ESPI) in Vienna, an independent and public think-tank providing decision-makers with an informed view on short to long-term issues relevant to the European space policy. Prior to supervising the research activities of the Institute, he was a Senior Associate at PricewaterhouseCoopers Advisory where he managed multiple studies for the European Commission, ESA and other public and private space sector stakeholders. Former analyst at Eurospace, the association of the European space industry, he has worked on a variety of space strategy topics but he specialized more particularly in space security and space economy.
Dan Isaac Business Development Executive - Spire Global, Inc.
Dan Isaac is a Business Development Executive at Spire Global with over 20 years of experience in the Space industry. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from Carleton University in Canada and a Masters in Space Studies from the International Space University in Strasbourg, France. Dan started his professional career working in the domain of GNSS, in the first operational version of EGNOS and then moving on to Galileo, running complex projects for companies such as LogicaCMG (now CGI) and Deimos Space. In 2009, Dan joined SES in Luxembourg where he held senior positions as program manager, product and service manager, and corporate development manager, supporting SES customers in the institutional and defence sectors. At Spire, Dan is leading commercial activities related to advanced projects that leverage the constellation-scale capabilities of Spire, as well as Spire’s Orbital Services offering specifically designed to carry customer payloads to space.
Martin Ditter Head of the EU Space Security Center - ESA
Martin Ditter is the Head of the European Space Security and Education Centre, the European Space Agency’s Centre in Belgium. The Centre has a long tradition in serving Europe’s Satellite Telecommunication Programmes. Today it hosts a suite of Galileo Ground Stations and EDRS. The Centre has recently been expanded to support secure governmental communication services. The European Space Agency is looking to further developing its existing Cyber Resilience capabilities at the site to serve ESA’s programmes. Before taking up this position in 2018, Martin worked with the European Commission in Brussels to support the Copernicus Programme and in ESA's Earth Observation Directorate in Italy. Martin was posted in the UK from 2009 to 2013 to prepare the deployment of an ESA Centre close to Oxford. His background at ESA includes postings in France and The Netherlands working in Satellite Navigation and Space Science respectively. Before joining ESA Martin served in the armed forces of Germany.
Andy Bowyer Co-founder/CEO - Kleos Space
Andy Bowyer is CEO of Kleos Space, a Luxembourg based space-powered RF Geolocation data-as-a-service company. Andy co-founded Kleos in 2017, taking the company through an IPO in August 2018 to fund the build out and launch of the 1stcluster of four revenue generating satellites flying in formation in less than 18 months. Prior to Kleos Andy co-founded UK based Magna Parva in 2005, a Space Engineering and Technology company delivering instruments, structures and mechanisms to ESA EO and planetary exploration missions.
Mike LAWTON Founder & Advisor - OSS
Mike Lawton is founder of Oxford Space Systems (OSS), an award-winning, scale-up that focusses on the design & supply of novel deployable satellite antennas based upon the company’s proprietary materials. OSS is working with customers in the US and Asia, as well as the UK MoD, to realise a new generation of SAR and comms antennas from VHF to Q-Band. These range from helical antennas for cubesats to very large deployable parabolic antennas which utilise the company’s proprietary flexible membrane RF surfaces & custom metal mesh. As well as RF & thermo-mechanical engineers, OSS has material scientists on its team to ensure a unique, holistic approach to achieve its class-leading antennas. Oxford Space Systems believes it holds the record for fastest time to orbit for a new product: from company formation, through material formulation & development and then successfully product demonstration on orbit was achieved in under 30 months. OSS is Mike’s third technology business, with previous ventures including a remote telemetry business built around an idea he had at university and a biofuel technology business that led to a joint venture in India, which won him the title of Green Entrepreneur for India 2009. Mike was awarded Barclays Bank Start-Up Entrepreneur of the Year in Dec 2018 for the progress and ambition of Oxford Space Systems. He has recently stepped down as CEO, as the company enters a more operationally focussed phase of its growth but remains associated with OSS as an Advisor, whilst pursuing other opportunities
Koen Willems Head International Government - ST Engineering iDirect
Koen Willems has +20 years’ experience working in different technology industries. Before joining ST Engineering iDirect (Europe) CY n.v. (formerly known as Newtec) he was Product Marketing Manager for Europe at the electronics giant TOSHIBA. Currently Koen holds the position of Head of International Government Market & Strategy with focus on the global government, defense and humanitarian satcom markets at ST Engineering. In this role Mr. Willems is in charge of developing and defining the strategy for the government and defense market worldwide for ST Engineering as well as supporting large programs. Koen has a Master's degree in English & Scandinavian Languages (University Ghent, Belgium, 1997) and a Master's degree in Marketing Strategy and Management (Vlekho Business School in Brussels, 1998). More recently Koen received the degree for ‘High Studies in Security and Defence’ at the Belgian Royal Higher Institute for Defence as well as the degree for the SERA program (European Session for Armament Officials) which focusses on European defence acquisition regulation, challenges and procedures at the French National Institute of Higher Defense in Paris.
Neil HENDRY VP EMEA - Digital Barriers
As a former British Army Captain, Neil worked through the ranks to achieve the appointment of Royal Signals Technical Officer Telecommunications. He graduated from Cranfield University with an in-service Telecommunications Systems Engineering Master’s degree and spent much of his Military career with UK Special Forces where he saw service in Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan. His last appointment was as Chief Technical Officer. Leaving the military in 2009, he joined a Communications Company as the Chief Technical Officer for a brief period before founding Enterprise Technologies UK Ltd in March 2010. During the first two years, Neil designed and launched a specialist product (Tri-Star) that is now in service with Military and Government organisations across the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, Spain, Germany and the Netherlands. Enterprise Technologies UK Ltd was acquired by Digital Barriers in 2012. Since joining Digital Barriers in 2012, Neil has taken the position of Technical Director and is also now a Vice President responsible for Sales in UK, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.Neil has a vast amount of experience in the application and integration of Surveillance Solutions using digital communications systems and is qualified as both a Cisco Certified Network Professional combined with Network Management accreditation, he is also a registered Prince 2 Practitioner.
Jean-Frédéric MARTIN CEO & Co-Founder - VDesign France
Mr MARTIN proudly develops business & promotes VDesign innovative technology & products. The VDesign Band Optimization Technique gives our customers a competitive edge in low bandwidth usage, long range, anti-jamming & secure wireless communication. VDesign customers are from defence business, and will also soon be telecom operators & satcom companies. Indeed VDesign has just secured the primary financing round to implement its groundbreaking project: Geo-IOT-Network, connecting directly normal IOT to geosatellites, and back to earth via usual teleport services. Pilot planned for the 1st 100 nodes in Q3/2020. Previously Mr MARTIN was CTO & Business developer for two different companies in autonomous ground robotics (civil surveillance UGV). And from 2007 to 2017, Mr Martin, as CEO/CTO/founder, has developed & patented a new unique piezo energy harvesting technique for Arveni sas, able to power IOT (remote controls, wallswitches, industrial sensors, asset trackers) by the power of a finger-push, or from environment vibrations. Arveni was awarded in France & USA with 7 innovation prizes. Arveni sold 5000 equipments to leading prime contractors & building owners. In 2017, Hager, a major European company in the home automation business acquired Arveni's IP. Mr Martin has made his primary experience in the quality, project, purchasing & key account sales in the automotive industry for 10 years, in France, Italy & Germany.
Gus Anderson, Colonel (Ret.), US Army Senior Director, Business Dev - DRS
Gus Anderson served in the U.S. Army for 29 years as a Telecommunications Corps officer. During that period he commanded numerous tactical and strategic communications organizations, to include the 509th Signal Battalion, Vicenza, Italy, and the Regional Signal Group SHAPE, NATO HQ (Belgium). During his military career he also served as an Associate Professor of Philosophy at the United States Military Academy, and as the military speechwriter for two Secretaries of Defense. He retired as a Colonel in 2008. Currently Gus Anderson leads DRS’ Global Enterprise Solutions (GES) business development organization. Gus has been with DRS for 10 years. His initial assignments were as a program manager, overseeing satellite networks supporting NATO forces in the Balkans; Coalition forces in Iraq and Afghanistan; and networks supporting other U.S. Federal and International agencies. In the past several years, Gus’ efforts have turned to business development, helping grow customer and market understanding of DRS’ Information and Communications Technology Ecosystem – a global network that provides secure managed satellite and terrestrial services to major DoD, US Federal, and international agencies.
Paweł Rymaszewski Founder & CEO - Thorium Space Technology
The founder and CEO of Thorium Space Technology, a Polish manufacturer of satellites and space telecommunications devices. Expert in the field of space engineering, a visionary with 20 years of experience in the space and defense industry. Co-creator of many space projects (Small GEO E Band satellites) and innovative solutions in the field of physics, microelectronics and microwave systems.
Christian Rigal Principal System Engineer - ViaSat
Christian spent 21 years at Thales Alenia Space working on many aspects of telecom satellite systems including payloads, modems, satellite capacity assessment, terminals and networks. He then moved to Inmarsat where he became rapidly technical responsible for the development of commercial aircraft terminals for Ka band. Since 2016 he joined Viasat as a principal system engineer. There he worked on various projects including satcoms for UAVs, ISR missions and emergency recovery systems providing remote health care for rural areas. His focus is mostly on military communications solutions in all their applications including peace keeping, high data rate imaging, dismounted soldiers communication systems.
LtCol Claude SCHAUS Deputy Chief - Luxembourg Armed Forces
LtCol SCHAUS currently serves as the Deputy Chief of the Communication Information Systems Department in the Luxembourg Armed Forces. In 2009, after his participation in a third peace support operation, he served as the SATCOM program manager for a variety of national and international SATCOM projects which are all still running successfully nowadays. Since 2009, LtCol SCHAUS's responsibilities are situated within the SATCOM or the Communication Information Systems domain.He graduated with a Master of Defence Resources Management at St-Cyr French officer school in 1998.
Dr Harald Hauschildt Program Manager - ESAs ScyLight Programme
Dr. Harald Hauschildt is the ESA Program Manager for the ARTES ScyLight Program, dedicated to Optical Communication and Space based Quantum Cryptography. In this role Harald is also in charge for the preparation of ESAs HydRON programme to develop and demonstrate a “High Throughput Optical Network” in Space. Furthermore Harald is preparing the “Secure and Cryptographic Mission” called “SAGA” addressing Quantum Key Distribution from Space as well as the extension of the European Data Relay System (EDRS) to provide global coverage. In his former career life Harald worked at DLR (German Aerospace Centre) in the role of the German Delegate to ESA and was responsible for the German participation in the USA-German Laser Crosslink Program between the US NFIRE and the German TerraSar-X Satellite which was the starting point for ESAs EDRS Programme. Dr. Hauschildt has a PHD in Physics and Astro-Physics from the University Bonn, Germany and has been working at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), Pasadena (USA) and the Max-Planck-Institute for Radioastronomy, Bonn (Germany).
Nicolas Stassin National Expert at the Space Task Force - EEAS
Nicolas Stassin is a National Expert at the Space Task Force of the European External Action Service (EEAS). He supports the High Representative and the EEAS in their operational responsibilities related to responses to the threats to or through the European GNSS system (Galileo). As the Belgian Board member of the EU Satellite Centre, Nicolas Stassin provides an expert support in space security related issues, in particular EU space programmes to the Commission, Council services and other EU entities. From 2012 to 2018, he was in charge of the space capabilities development at the Belgian Defense Staff as a Belgian Project Officer for the French earth observation project CSO (Composante Spatiale Optique), for the EDA EU SatCom Market project and the GOVSATCOM Demo project and for the implementation of the Defence Geospatial Strategy. Nicolas Stassin is also the Belgian representative at the ESA Space Situational Awareness Program Board as well as at the EDA GOVSATCOM Project Team, at the EDA EU SATCOM Market Management Group, at the EDA Project Team on Earth Observation and the EDA expert group on Positioning, Navigation and Timing. Nicolas Stassin has a Master Degree in Aeronautical and Military Sciences from the Royal Military Academy.
Prof. Dr. Sergio Coronado CIO - NATO Support and Procurement Agency
Sergio Coronado is an international recognized expert on Information Technology and Communications with more than 35 years of experience. His interests lie in IT Strategy, Digital Leadership, Cloud Technologies, Cybersecurity, AI and Education. In January 2020, he was appointed the CIO at NSPA. He began his NATO career in 2003 as a Senior Systems Engineer. Then as a Principal Technical Project Officer he was responsible for IT Project coordination, IT Architecture and putting in place Service Level Agreements. In 2012 he was appointed Chief IT Division where he was responsible for delivering all IT services required to run the Agency during which time he was honoured with the NATO Meritorious Service Medal. His broad previous experience encompasses software and delivering IT services in sectors such as banking, consulting, logistics, retail, sport information systems and education. He is an Assistant-Professor (associé) at the University of Luxembourg where he teaches Advanced Project Management. Sergio received a PhD in Industrial Engineering and M.Sc in Software Engineering from the Polytechnic of Madrid, MA in Clinical Psychology and Education from the University of Leon and BSc in Electrical Engineering from the Simón Bolivar University. In his free time, Sergio contributes to develop the future digital talent in Luxembourg, helping the new generations to become creative in the digital world.
Kai-Uwe Storek Co-founder and CEO - NEOSAT
Kai-Uwe Storek is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of NEOSAT, a spin-off created by the Bundeswehr University Munich and founded in 2018. The company’s mission is to close the gap between university research and industry demands in the field of cutting-edge satellite communications technologies made for the era of 5G and the Internet of Space. Prior to his position as CEO, he worked as a police inspector until 2008. After receiving a Master Degree in Information Systems Engineering from TU Dresden in 2014, he worked towards its PhD at the Chair of Signal Processing of Prof. Knopp at the Bundeswehr University Munich. His key areas of expertise include physical layer technologies and signal processing for satellite communication with multiple antennas.
Alan Kuresevic VP Engineering - SES
Alan Kuresevic received a MSc degree in Computer Science, Telecommunication and Information Technology from University of Zagreb. After a short university carrier, Alan joined Astra (today SES) in 1994. Alan led several projects and technology developments that have provided the foundation for the company’s new services. He pioneered development and introduction of the first commercial satellite digital TV broadcast system. He is continuing with positioning satellite in the global connectivity and telecommunication services. In the last years his work is focused on the governmental and institutional customer. He works closely with Luxembourg government, United Nations, European Space Agency and other governments and international organisations. Alan leads a team working on commercial projects and technology developments in the domain of hybrid satellite/terrestrial connectivity, quantum secure communication and humanitarian disaster response communication. Alan holds a position of Vice President, Engineering. He is a member of the Board of Directors of Redu Space Services, Belgium based company co-owned by SES and President of SES Techcom Afrique, 100% owned SES west African engineering company.
Henry Mitchell Senior Business Manager - DEA
Henry Mitchell is a Senior Business Manager at DEA Aviation Limited, with responsibility for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) contracts and Business Development. Prior to joining DEA, Henry became an ISR Consultant following 36 years as a pilot in the Royal Navy’s Fleet Air Arm, as a Sea Harrier Commander, aviation director on aircraft carriers and naval aerodromes, and was responsible for embarked aviation Standards & Practices. Henry gained a Master’s Degree in Military Studies from King’s College London in 2001, completed Air Warfare Instructor training in 1992 and served for 3 years with the United States Marine Corps flying AV-8B Harrier IIs between 1988-1991.


Lisa Burke (MC) Journaliste and Presenter/MC
Lisa is a presenter and science writer. Whilst living in Luxembourg, she conceived and created RTL Today (English news & entertainment), where she currently presents weekly reports and will soon launch a podcast. In 2018 she interviewed all the party leaders ahead of the national elections. Lisa’s career started with a decade at Sky News, in London, as a presenter covering science, environment, news and weather. Other television work includes domestic and foreign assignments, live studio work + reporting: BBC, Channel 4, various Sky channels, Fox news and radio. She has written and presented documentaries and travel shows for Sky & RTE (Ireland). Lisa has also acted in films and is a regular voice-over artist. Lisa lived in Abu Dhabi for two years, writing for The National newspaper. Lisa studied Natural Sciences (physics, chemistry, geology, maths) at Cambridge, obtaining a double first (MSci and BSci) with specialism in chemistry. Since 2005, she has been a science consultant and author with Dorling Kindersley / Penguin / Random House Publishing for children’s science books, and has written numerous herself.
CHRISTINE LEURQUIN VP, Institutional Relations & Comms - SES
VP, Institutional Relations and Communications at SES S.A. Positioning the Company at high level within the European Union and other European institutions, such as European Union, ITU, ESA, African Union, ACP Secretariat or OECD. She regards policies and regulations, provides political support, and engages in setting-up Research and Development and institutional projects. She follows the European Institutions’ political issues and debates of interest to her company, especially those concerning defense and security, space, crisis management, cooperation development in emerging markets, satellite broadband and 5G. She is also the key institutional person in the company as regards the GNSS projects such as Galileo and EGNOS. She has 30+ years of experience in the satellite telecommunications field in Europe.
Paul WELLS VP & CCO - GovSat
Paul Wells is the Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer of GovSat. Taking on the role in September 2016 he is responsible for working closely with our customers to develop offerings that match their needs using GovSat-1. Before joining GovSat he worked for QinetiQ where he created , developed and grew several highly successful businesses in the Communications, Intelligence, Security and ISR domains for Defence, Security and Commercial customers. He also spent time working in Government on creating and delivering highly challenging technical programmes into operational use. He has over 34 years of experience in satcoms for Defence and Security applications.
Gerard Donelan VP Defence & Security - SES Networks
Gerard spent 14 years in the British military followed by 11 years in a number of positions for NATO, based in Norfolk, Virginia in the United States on the International Staff of the Supreme Allied Commander. These positions encompassed both NATO SATCOM and CRYPTO. Gerard was involved in both land and maritime communications and he received several commendations for the work he undertook for NATO during this time. Gerard has more than 30 years experience in the fields of telecommunications and satelli...te communications, specializing on government use of commercial services. Gerard continues to use his knowledge, experience and contacts within NATO and European Governments and he is involved on NATO and EU working groups for satellite communications. He was a founder member of the innovative London Satellite Exchange and was the Director of European Sales for New Skies Satellites. Gerard has been with SES since 2003.
Peter B. de Selding Co-founder and Editor - Space Intel Report
Peter B. de Selding is co-founder and editor of Space Intel Report, a website — www.spaceintelreport.com — dedicated to the business of space. He founded the company in 2017 after having spent more than 20 years as Paris Bureau Chief for Space News. Peter lives in Paris.