Andy Lincoln

Vice-President, Chief Engineer - Viasat Global Space Networks

Andy Lincoln supports Viasat’s Global Space Networks team as chief engineer and is focused on government satellite communications systems, tactical networks, situational awareness, encryption, cyber/network security, and protected communications technologies. Andy’s technical interests range from waveforms to protocols and networks and from ASICs to modems, radios, terminals, and gateways.

Andy joined Viasat in 1997 and has almost 40 years’ experience in communications systems, including terrestrial wireless, satellite communications and terrestrial networking for defense, commercial, and consumer applications. Andy provides technical leadership to Viasat teams working to bring resilient, cyber-secure, protected, and affordable communications to Defense users through leverage of Viasat’s commercial high-capacity satellite systems and related technologies.

Andy holds Bachelor’s and Masters’ degrees in electrical engineering from the University of Michigan and University of California San Diego, respectively, focusing on communications theory and system design.