Programme Manager Satellite Communication - EDA

Holger Lueschow joined the European Defence Agency in summer 2016 as Programme Manager Satellite Communication and Project Officer Radio Spectrum. In this position he is responsible for the Agency’s SatCom related activities focusing on the development and evolution of the EDA GOVSATCOM Pooling and Sharing Demonstration project – for the latter, Holger has chaired the respective Ad-Hoc Working Group establishing the Project Arrangement and also keeps close links to the European Commission and to ESA.

He is the Chairman of the Project Team Satellite Communication of the Agency. Engineer by education, Holger worked in several IT and Radio Spectrum related posts in the German Air Force and NATO.

Before he joined the EDA he was six years in the German MoD, responsible for the SatComBw Stage 2 programme and as well for the Radio Spectrum Policy of the Bundeswehr.