Neil Fraser

Director Defence and Space Programmes - NSSLGlobal

Neil Fraser joined NSSLGlobal as Director Defence and Space Programmes in early 2020 to help to shape and grow the defence communications side of the business. Prior to this he spent 6 years growing Viasat’s presence in the UK across defence and space sectors.

Before joining industry, in late 2013, he spent 26 years in the British Army leading organisations up to 600 strong. During his military career he spent 3 years leading a 60 strong team responsible for UK Ministry of Defence global satellite and strategic radio communications projects and service delivery; completed 3 tours in Afghanistan including the initial deployment to Kabul soon after 9-11 commanding 216 Parachute Signal Squadron, 2004-5 working in a US Task Force with government and civilian agencies, and then a year after forming 22 Signal Regiment taking the unit on operations to provide UK theatre communications in 2008-9.

He also served in Northern Ireland, the Balkans both with the United Nations and NATO, as a Joint Operational Planner, and with Airborne and Commando forces. He has Masters degrees in the Design of Information Systems and Defence Studies.