William Joo

Special Project Manager, Naval Information Warfare Center Pacific

Mr. William Joo is the Special Projects Engineer and Science & Technology Assistant Program Manager for U.S. Navy NAVWAR (formerly SPAWAR System Command) PEO C4I PMW/A 170. Mr. Joo has over 30 years of primarily DoD experience for protected satellite communications systems, Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS), and science & technology for DoD applications. Mr. Joo is currently working closely with commercial LEO and MEO SATCOM for DoD applications; the primary means is through the administration of the SATCOM LEO and MEO (SLaM) Technical Information Meetings and Exchange (TIME).

If required, then here is the phrase for my past employment and academics: Mr. Joo’s past significant employers are U.S. Army Communications Electronics Command (CECOM) and the MITRE Corporation. Mr. Joo received his Electrical Engineering degrees from Monmouth University (Bachelor) and Stevens Institute of Technology (Master).